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Review: Readers Favorite

Review: Readers Favorite

The Legend: Revealed is a work of fantasy fiction written for children by author Cheryl Rush Cowperthwait. It forms the second book in the Legend of the Dragon Child series after the novel which gives the series its name. In book one, Kaida discovered her destiny as the Dragon Child due to her prominent mark and the legend which surrounds it. Now, in book two, Kaida’s tenuous links to the people of Urthe and the dragon society have her caught in the crossfire of two worlds which don’t understand one another. She is the link between them, the path to peace, but her dragon family fears that she will face too many dangers on the road to fulfilling her purpose. It’s wonderful to see a talented author bringing remnants of classic fantasy into modern children’s fiction, for example the traditional names of the Dragons and the quest-style plot of the[…]

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